Expert Tips from a Burrasca Dealer on Buying a PWC
Expert Tips from a Burrasca Dealer on Buying a PWC

On the Quest for a Peerless Experience

Buying a PWC can be tricky because it’s hard to know which one is perfect for you. If you want to get the best in terms of quality, design and performance, check out the first marine hypercraft: Buying a Burrasca could be one of the most exciting decisions you ever make.

We spoke to our successful PWC dealer PWC Extreme Mallorca to get some insider insights into everything you need to know before buying your first Burrasca.

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Buying a PWC: Insider Tips From a Mallorcan PWC Dealer

Julia Martínez and her husband Lucas Cuello run PWC Extreme Mallorca, a top watercraft dealer specializing in PWCs on the beautiful Balearic island. Bringing decades of experience in all aspects of motorized water vehicles to the table, their expert team joined forces with Belassi to offer customers the ultimate marine hypercraft. Julia’s mission is to provide her clients with advice, trust and peace of mind.

What is the most important factor when looking to buy a personal watercraft?

When buying a PWC it’s all about finding the perfect fit as well as something that meets your needs in terms of handling, design and power/acceleration. Overall, when buying any PWC, the most important factor is quality. If the PWC is well made, you can also expect top-notch finishes, resistant engine and all other aspects of the PWC to be made to the highest standards.

When would you recommend a Burrasca to customers who want to buy a PWC? What are the biggest differences compared to other PWC brands?

A Burrasca is the right match for any design loving water sports fan who is seeking  an experience beyond compare. Riding a Burrasca is like driving a supercar – only on the water. It’s no-lag turbo mean acceleration is seamless and the sheer amount of horsepower produced is best-in-class. It manages to combine this extreme performance with an iconic yet functional design. It just takes everything to a new level and pushes the limits for personal watercraft.

What is especially appealing about buying a Burrasca?

I can feel when a client is awed by a Burrasca and praises its finish, iconic design and technology – it always stands out as a high-quality product. Aesthetically, my favorite part of the Burrasca is the stern; the design is incredible, as is its technology. I find it amazing that it can follow a set of coordinates by just pressing a button, and I can get all the information I need from the two displays on the handlebars.

What kind of after PWC maintenance and after sales services should be included when buying a Burrasca?

After a client has purchased a Burrasca, it is important that the dealer continues supporting him with various services and the correct PWC maintenance. At PWC Extreme Mallorca, we offer emergency technical and repair services. In the winter, we can store their Burrasca in our facilities in the nautical polygon in Son Bugadellas and handle all maintenance work before managing the transportation of the marine hypercraft at the start of the next season.

Burrasca spraying water
Riding a Burrasca is beyond compare, like a supercar for the water. (Image: Belassi)

Ride a Burrasca in the Balearic Paradise of Mallorca

The team from PWC Extreme Mallorca shares some insider tips on the best rides around this island jewel of the Mediterranean, one of the most scenic locations for riding a Burrasca.

Why is Mallorca the perfect destination for riding a Burrasca?

Mallorca has an excellent climate along with perfect sea and air conditions, allowing riders to enjoy the sea during many months of the year. The standard of PWC service is extremely high on the island and we have storage facilities for personal watercrafts. If you want to ride, you only need to head to the water and we’ll do the rest.

Where are the best spots around Mallorca?

Every corner of the island is magical. The north is made for having fun in the waves, while the east of the island is rich in beaches and coves. Along the Calviá shore, you can find several beach bars to stop for a beverage.

Which are the best PWC routes?

One of the best routes is in Alcúdia. You can get to coves that are almost impossible to reach by land and take a bath in crystalline waters, escaping the packed tourist spots.

Two Burrascas around Mallorca
Every corner of the Island of Mallorca is magical. Burrasca riders can easily explore hidden coves and beautiful beaches almost impossible to reach by land. (Image: Belassi)

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