Burrasca – The Supercar of Watercrafts
Burrasca – The Supercar of Watercrafts

The World’s First High Performance Marine Hypercraft

Supercars push what is technically possible to the limit. The relentless quest for perfection in performance and design makes them a rare breed. Now, Belassi has applied the same uncompromising approach to create the first marine hypercraft of its kind – the Burrasca. With unparalleled performance, visionary design and handcrafted engineering prowess, the Burrasca is setting the PWC world alight.

Pushing the Limits of Craftsmanship

Supercars start life as a concept. A vision that reimagines what it means to be a car. The goal is to go beyond what was done before. This can be engine performance – teams of engineers work relentlessly to squeeze every drop of performance out of their creations. But also in terms of design – designers aim to showcase their vision of the future. This competition drives supercar manufacturers to continually redefine and reinvent. Each year, new innovations hit the market.

Naturally, the amount of custom parts, research and development, as well as intricate design that goes into a supercar concept usually means that their price is out of reach for most. Moreover, since supercars are not intended for mass production, only a handful are usually made, making each one a special and unique collector’s item.

Burrascas supercar-like engine
Just like for a supercar, the Belassi team of engineers developed a unique, high performing engine for the Burrasca. (Image: Belassi)

Above and Beyond Motorsport

A supercar is not just impressive, it’s iconic. For many, the word “supercar” is embodied by the McLaren F1. A car that took years of planning and on its release conquered the world with its record-breaking motorsports performance. Only 106 of these design and engineering masterpieces were ever made, making it a jewel in every serious car collector’s crown. It’s this spirit – to be the best and go beyond – that is embedded in the DNA of every supercar.  

Whether it’s using space-age material, optimizing aerodynamics, or simply creating something entirely novel –  every detail is carefully planned from the ground up. For the first time, Belassi has taken this quest for perfection to the world of marine hypercraft, redefining watersports along the way.

Two orange supercars
Two orange supercars ready to race just like the McLaren F1. (Image: Loe Moshkovska from Pexels)

A Supercar Marinecraft

Belassi has now created a supercar among marine watercrafts. Deriving from the Italian word for “storm”, the Burrasca is certainly creating waves. With unparalleled handling, ultra-high performance and iconic design, the Burrasca redefines the PWC by applying supercar-like standards to a marine craft for the first time. Belassi’s visionary Head of Design Johannes Scherr states that “the new term ‘Marine Hypercraft’ is a perfect description. ‘’Hyper’ encapsulates our extremely high standards of quality and performance, and ‘craft’ emphasizes our manufacturing approach.” Inspired by iconic supercars, an epitome of craftsmanship and tested in extreme conditions, the result is the most powerful PWC on the market – a true gem for those who love extreme performance.

Burrasca, the supercar of the water
Like a supercar, the Burrasca redefines its industry with its unparalleled handling, ultra-high performance and iconic design. (Image: Belassi)

Burrasca: The Calm Before the Storm

The Burrasca is the cream of the crop when it comes to marine watercrafts. It effortlessly unites extreme performance with luxury and exclusivity. Handcrafted, precision-engineered, and featuring iconic design, the Burrasca is truly a world apart. 
Find out more about the Burrasca from the designers who created it.