The true essence of extreme water sports is exploration. Adventure is about finding the ultimate location to push yourself to the absolute limit – to pit yourself against Mother Nature. We have curated a list of some of the most extreme places for water sports on the planet. Each one is certain to push your boundaries and get your heart racing.

Let’s go!

1. Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf: Southernmost point of water

Antarctica, extreme water sport location

Antarctica is one of the most extreme regions on the planet. Ever since Norway’s Roald Amundsen first reached the South Pole in 1911, it has continued to captivate explorers and researchers. The southernmost point of water lies in the bay at the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, about 100 km (62 mi) south of Berkner Island, at 83 degrees south. If you are hoping to reach this point, start gearing up and planning your ultimate Antarctic expedition – and go where not many have gone before.

2. Main-Danube Canal: Highest point accessible by watercraft

Built between 1960 and 1992, the Main-Danube-Canal in the German state of Bavaria is a 106 miles-long (171 km) waterway connecting the River Main near Bamberg with the Danube at Kelheim. A true engineering marvel, this system of 16 locks has to be experienced to be believed. Jump aboard and marvel at how your watercraft seems to defy gravity: The highest point on the canal between the locks of Hilpoltstein and Bachhausen stands at 1332 feet (406 m) above sea level, making it the highest point accessible by watercraft in the world.

water sport location Main-Danube-Canal
Push yourself to the highest point accessible by watercraft in the world, the Main-Danube-Canal. (Image: videomundum)

3. Nazaré: Largest wave ever ridden

Big wave surfing is a true test of bravery and in Nazaré’s Praia do Norte in Portugal, surfers flock to the biggest swell on Earth. In 2017, legendary big wave surfer Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa caught an 80-foot (24 m) wave off the coast of Nazaré and broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed. The previous record was also set in Nazaré. Do you dare to handle big swells?

surfer pushing himself in huge wave in Nazaré
Big wave surfing is one of the world’s most extreme water sports, for which Nazaré is the perfect place. (Image: Wirestock)

4. The Caspian Sea: Largest lake by surface area

remote water sport location Caspian Sea

Don’t be fooled by the name, the vast Caspian Sea is actually the world’s largest landlocked body of water with a surface area of 143,200 square miles (370,886 square kilometers). Often considered the gateway between Europe and Asia, this remote location delights visitors looking for a true adventure. Can you imagine hitting the water in one of the most remotest locations on the planet? This vast expanse is truly mesmerising.

5. Sydney: Largest natural harbor

Water sport playground Sydney Habour

Sydney Harbour, Australia, is considered the deepest and largest natural harbour in the world. It stretches 11 miles (17.7 km) and covers an area of 21 square miles (54 sq. km). The harbour is teeming with hundreds of species of fish and is an adventure seeker’s playground; it’s the perfect spot for extreme water sports including diving and wakeboarding.

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