Great architecture is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s about sketching a blueprint of the future. And when iconic design and outstanding craftsmanship come together, the results are truly remarkable. Few places exemplify this as well as Niterói Contemporary Art Museum – Rio’s architectural style icon, set against the backdrop of the divine Guanabara Bay.

An Art Gallery Out of This World

Style Icon Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Completed in 1996, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) in Brazil seems like a vision of the future. This sharp contrast between future and tradition is even more striking as the gallery overlooks Guanabara Bay, where the traditional sculpture of Christ the Redeemer towers above. To enter the museum, visitors must traverse a wide spiral ramp that snakes its way into the mouth of what looks like an alien craft. The striking white circular building tapers out towards the top.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer is well-known for challenging conventions with his futuristic, modernist buildings and the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) is one of the best examples of his work. Once inside, visitors are treated to over 1,200 works from art collector João Sattamini. This location attracts many stylish visitors and in 2017, Louis Vuitton selected the MAC as a backdrop for an exclusive fashion show.

Guanabara Bay: Where Style Meets Culture

Guanabara Bay is a beautiful bay on Brazil’s south coast. It is flanked by the sprawling capital of Rio to the west – guarded by the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and Niterói with the MAC art museum to the east. The Rio-Niterói-Bridge or Ponte Rio-Niterói links the two sides, meaning a day of culture can easily be combined with the excitement Rio has to offer.

Guanbara Bay, home of style icon MAC
The Guanbara Bay is perfect for riding a Burrasca and the ideal location for the whole family. (Image: Elô Martins)

Known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and wide range of activities on offer, Guanabara Bay is the perfect location for the whole family. A short distance from the Guanabara Bay port area, there are plenty of smaller bays and inlets made for riding a Marine Hypercraft and other adventure watersports to get the adrenaline flowing. Brazil’s south coast is a highly sought-after destination among yachting enthusiasts, combining stunning panoramas with the glitz and glamour Rio has to offer. Round off your cultural exploration in style with a trip to the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum – keep a lookout for the latest fashion and cultural events to take place there.

Pushing the Boundaries of Iconic Design

We are inspired by designers who not only like pushing boundaries but make it their mission. Do you enjoy the combination of iconic design and passionate craftsmanship? In this exclusive interview with visionary designer Johannes Scherr, discover how the Burrasca as a Marine Hypercraft is redefining the world of watersports in terms of design and engineering.