22.February 2023

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Leiben, Austria, 22 February 2023: Belassi, the European producer of personal watercraft, is collaborating with Ricardo Teixeira, an Angolan-Portuguese racing driver and F1 test driver, to align the world of motorsports with the high performance personal watercraft industry.


The best results only come when people, the beating engine of any kind of collaboration, are powered by a precious kind of fuel. The passion. And it is passion that not only drives the entire 40-strong Belassi team, but also Ricardo, a car driver since 2001. He was the first Angolan driver to drive a Formula 1 car when he was announced as Team Lotus test driver for 2011. And who better to represent this vision than Ricardo – with his passion for cars and motorsport, he embodies the spirit of Belassi and shares our values of striving for excellence and setting the highest standards.

During a visit to the production facility (watch the video here), together we had the opportunity to see every single step that transforms each roll of raw material into a finished product, ready to ride the waves. The entire process under one roof.

Each Burrasca is constructed and individually assembled by hand, combining elegance with the sheer power of the 320-horsepower turbocharged engine – something Ricardo so admired and appreciated. After all, the entire project started with the engine, and then built all around it. The interior is as important as the exterior – a concept something that is reflected in many super and hypercars, Ricardo adds.

Changing perspectives

Ricardo was born in the car world, for him this environment have been a school of life and inspiration. But the thing that also intrigues is the Burrasca’s natural habitat: the ocean.

Imagine gliding across the ocean, with no roads, no trails, no traffic, and feeling an enormous freedom like never before. This is what the Burrasca promises to deliver with an addictive, goosebump-inducing performance, and that’s why the team at Belassi set out to revolutionize the world of personal watercraft and create a new category, the Marine Hypercraft.



“We wanted to revolutionise the world of personal watercraft and create a new category, the Marine Hypercraft,” explains Christian Hintersteininger, CEO of Belassi.

But the Burrasca isn’t just about speed and power. It’s also about individuality and customizability. With a fully customisable design concept, you can make your Burrasca as unique as you are. According to CEO Christian Hintersteininger, the Burrasca’s design is fully customizable to fulfill any special request, no matter how extravagant, so you can trust that it will reflect your personal identity and taste.

“Ricardo joins the Belassi Family as the perfect fit for our Brand! As a Brand Ambassador, Ricardo aligns with our vision and standards, solidifying our position as leaders in the luxury personal watercraft industry. With his established reputation in the world of motorsports, especially in F1, he brings a shared passion and drive to our collaboration and we aim to elevate the thrill of the water sports experience for our customers.”