13.September 2021

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New partner for Belassi

We are especially pleased to welcome Supreme Yacht as a new partner in the Belassi network.

Founded by Lawrence Lim in the warm city of Kaohsiung in April 2014. Supreme Yachts brings famous foreign yacht brands to Taiwan and provides products and services ranging from yacht and marina management to import and sale of marine/yacht accessories and other products.

Supreme Yachts is currently the exclusive dealer of the world’s largest yacht manufacturer, Italian Azimut yachts, and as well represent Norwegian builder Marex boats, Austrian builder Frauscher, Italian builder TecoRib…etc.

Supreme Yacht also, in corporation with Japanese design company Uchiyama Design, build 26-28 feet entry- level fishing- recreational boat. Suppreme Yachts is also providing yacht management service and look after over 15 yachts with length from 30 feet to 120 feet currently. Other services offered by Supreme Yachts includes yacht trading consulting, preowned boat sales, equipment trading, yacht registration.

With the Marine Hypercraft by Belassi, Supreme Yacht has another exceptional product in its range, which is the perfect addition to its exclusive offer. From now on, Supreme Yacht is available to all customers for testdrives, sales, maintenance and service of the Belassi Marine Hypercraft.