Motorized motorsports for enthusiasts – Made in Austria
Motorized motorsports for enthusiasts – Made in Austria

Belassi brings handcrafted PWCs with exceptional performance and Italian design onto the market.

The Burrasca brings to life the vision of a super-luxury PWC that combines Italian de sign with the slim lines of a motorcycle. Four years of development went into the 320- hp premium personal watercraft, which is hand-made by the Austrian manufacturer  Belassi GmbH. 

Since its formation in 2015, Belassi has been working on the development of a new  class of jet-powered watercraft in Leiben, Austria. After many prototypes, tests and  optimizations, a highly qualified engineering team comprising automotive, motorsport  and vehicle construction experts has brought a whole new class of PWC to series pro 

duction: the Marine Hypercraft. This racing vehicle for the water is based on the Hy perCars from McLaren, Königsegg, Lamborghini and Bugatti. In late November 2020,  Belassi will start producing a premium performance watersports machine in a limited  series that takes its name from the Italian word for storm: the Burrasca. And it sure  lives up to that name.  

“From the beginning, it was our goal to produce more than just a vehicle,” explains  Christian Hintersteininger, CEO of Belassi. “The Burrasca is an expression of an indi vidual lifestyle that continually tests the limits in the search for perfection and self-real ization.” 

Manufacturer of Marine Hypercrafts 

More than 2,000 high-quality parts make up the Burrasca. These are carefully and  individually assembled by hand to create an exclusive masterpiece. The driving force  behind this is the manufacturing concept: “The new term ‘Marine Hypercraft‘ is a per fect description,” explains Belassi’s industrial designer Johannes Scherr. “’Hyper’ en capsulates our extremely high standards of quality and performance, and ‘craft’ em phasizes our manufacturing approach. The mechanics who assemble the Burrasca  know every single screw in every part of the vehicle – from the engine to the chassis.”  

By combining state-of-the-art development, Italian design and true craftsmanship, Be lassi has created a vehicle category that has never existed before. “Our credo is to  exceed the demands of every single customer. That is why every Burrasca is a unique  masterpiece made in Austria, tried and tested down to the smallest detail,” says Hinter steininger, summarizing the vision.

This claim is expressed in every detail, from the choice of material – Formula 1-tested  full carbon – to the custom design concept: With the Burrasca, virtually any special  request for color and seat cover can be implemented.  

Worldwide dealer and service network 

Test drives of the Burrasca can only be arranged at an authorized dealer of the global  Belassi network or by personal invitation during Belassi test days. The dealers are  selected with great care: criteria such as exclusive location, excellent technical equip ment and expertise in the maritime sector are imperative. Service and maintenance as  well as worldwide warranty processing are a matter of course for Belassi.


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