Inspiration for Your Next Yacht Adventure
Inspiration for Your Next Yacht Adventure

Top Yachting YouTube Channels to Follow

Yachts are synonymous with exploration and freedom. They offer the freedom to navigate and explore any stretch of coastline or hidden island paradise. This organic sense of adventure explains their enduring appeal and unwavering fascination among yachting enthusiasts.

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A marine hypercraft perfectly complements the exclusive yachting lifestyle. This powerful combination allows you the freedom to explore hidden coves, play in the waves, and store your PWC until the next adventure – superyachts and extreme PWCs are a match made in heaven. None more so than the handcrafted, precision-engineered Burrasca – the perfect storm of performance, handling and iconic design.

Below are some of our favorite YouTube channels, offering truly inspirational content on yachting. Featuring yacht reviews, yacht show tips and everything that the yachting lifestyle entails, these channels will quench your thirst for maritime adventure.

Burrasca surrounded by yachts
Superyachts and PWCs are a match made in heaven. (Image: Belassi)

1. Best for Iconic Superyachts: The Yacht Guy

First up, it’s the Yacht Guy. This superyacht enthusiast showcases some of his favorite yachts. So, if you want to know what watercraft featured in James Bond’s Quantum of Solace or watch exclusive content from the Monaco Yacht Show, then this is the channel for you.

Two Burrascas sleek like yachts
The Burrasca would be the most thrilling ride for the most exciting stretches of water. (Image: Belassi)

2. Top for Yacht Spotting: The Boat Show

One of our firm favorites has to be The Boat Show. This international channel focuses on sailing and motor boat reviews and closely examines current trends in yachting including sustainability aspects like low emission and light construction materials. It describes superyachts and PWCs as an ideal match: a fun “toy” to explore nature, making for a thrilling ride and easy transport while also offering an ideal platform for yacht spotting. Speaking to the channel, Federico Cozza, CEO of the Boat Show, said it would take a marine hypercraft to the waters of Northern Sardinia – one of the most exciting stretches of water – highlighting that the Burrasca would be the most thrilling ride. Watch an exclusive video of The Boat Show visiting our Belassi headquarters in Austria below:


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3. Meet Sailing Superstars: Yachting World

Yachting World is a high-quality channel that features plenty of in-depth interviews with leading figures in the world of yachting. It also covers top-tier races like the Vendee Globe with exclusive content from Pip Hare, a skipper in last year’s edition of the round-the-world challenge. Discover unique features such as the team of architects who transformed an old lifeboat into a live-aboard Arctic explorer, capable of charting some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

4. Experience Luxury Yachting: Superyacht Times

Finally, the Superyacht Times is a channel well worth following. Featuring the world’s largest, fastest and craziest superyachts as well as plenty of exclusive tours and interviews, the Superyacht Times goes big with its features, including the unveiling of the monumental 142-metre superyacht project OPUS.

The iconic Burrasca, the perfect partner for any yacht
The iconic Burrasca has what it takes to live up to the extreme standards set by superyachts. (Image: Belassi)

Discover the Ultimate PWC for any Superyacht

There is only one PWC capable of living up to the extreme standards set by leading superyachts. Discover why it has to be the iconic Burrasca in this exclusive interview with its award-winning designer.