Belassi’s Burrasca Marine Hypercraft Wins

30.June 2021

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We are excited to announce that Belassi has won the renowned Red Dot of the Red Dot Design Award [2021] for the product design of the Burrasca!

Not only does this award highlight excellence in the design of the handcrafted, precision-engineered Burrasa, but it marks an incredible achievement for the whole Belassi team.

Find out how the winner’s celebrated the exciting news in this video:


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What is the Red Dot?

The Red Dot dates back to 1955. Established in Germany, this product design award aims to draw attention to excellence in consumer goods. While initially focusing on the domestic market, the Red Dot quickly expanded to international markets with offices in Tokyo and Singapore. In 1997, world-renowned architect Norman Foster helped design the Red Dot Museum in a former boiler house of a decommissioned industrial complex. Nowadays, the jury receives over 18,000 applications from over 70 countries.

The carefully selected jury comprises 50 experts, each a thought leader in their field – including product design, engineering and technical innovation. When considering products for the award, strict criteria and quality standards must be met. Almost every truly iconic product has at one point been the recipient of a Red Dot, from the iPhone to legendary car manufacturers like Porsche and Ferrari. 

What sets Red Dot Winner Belassi apart?

When selecting winners, the internationally renowned jury looks at key categories such as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, symbolism and emotional content. The Burrasca won them over with its outstanding craftmanship, attention to detail recognizable by its dynamic appearance, and technology.

The journey of creating the Burrasca has been an incredible team effort, combining months of research and development. One of the key challenges was integrating ergonomics into the performance design. The stunning Italian Design, created by Genesis Design GmbH and the Belassi Inhouse Designer Johannes Scherr, was combined with high-tech engineering and top performance – a redefinition of Marine Hypercraft and a dream come true for motorized water sport enthusiasts.

Belassi: “Part of creating something special is to make a product less industrialized – that’s why the Burrasca is handcrafted. The lines of the Burrasca are sharp, stunning and instantly recognizable. They are strongly inspired by Italian motorcycle design. The cockpit is the first craft of its kind to have a user interface, and its pointed keel makes the Burrasca more hydrodynamic.”

The adventure continues for Belassi

At Belassi, we are honored and proud to be selected for the Red Dot Award: Product Design [2021]. We worked hard to achieve something that unites innovation, ergonomics, and design excellence. This has been recognized with the Red Dot of the Red Dot Design Award [2021]. Now, the adventure continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of PWCs. A massive thanks goes to the Red Dot Award Team. We look forward to entering future competitions. 

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