25.January 2024

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Every time being able to see and hear our product in the water, it is like a bell ringing in our heads and constantly reminding us why we are putting so much effort and are even more motivated to pursue our values and ideals. Every time we hear that magnificent sound propagating through the water and into the air it is something unique. We know, we are maybe a bit too romantic, but for us, it is much more than that.

Our dream of producing unique products for unique customers is still our route that we would like to follow and develop our portfolio around it. Because we believe that our clients deserve a unique experience based on their identity and their wishes. Sometimes these products are not available on the market but need to be crafted on demand.

We are also immensely proud to be the only Personal Watercraft (PWC) manufacturer in the world that produces a series turbo engine. And while seasons pass, trends change, we would like to evolve as well, just as much as remaining true to our ideas and identity.

Just a few months ago, at the end of 2023, Belassi GmbH introduced an additional business unit, focusing on the core asset— our Powertrain, the Marine Power Unit (MPU). It is fully developed and assembled in Austria, which is now positioned as a pivotal branch within the broader scope of Belassi’s strategic objectives. Together with Christopher Wilkinson that leads the team as the new General Manager, we have established the division, aiming to enhance the Burrasca Marine Hypercraft by introducing a high-performance Powertrain solution. Responding to customer feedback, the engineering team initiated a project in Q2 2023 to develop up to 400 hp engine, leading to a redesigned 2024 MPU with optimized components.

Recognizing the challenges of being a high-performance, low-volume engine producer solely for the Burrasca model, Belassi created a new business unit to offer the MPU to small PWC/Boat manufacturers. This diversification stabilizes engine production, allowing renewed focus on the personal watercraft product line while keeping manufacturing in Austria.



The Belassi MPU team prioritizes customer experience and direct B2C operations; collaborating with boat and Personal Watercraft builders. Although the dealer network remains responsible for after-sales and services, the team is committed to delivering optimal support.

Looking ahead, Belassi is concentrating on the development, certifications (including CE and EPA), and production of the new MPU, with plans for a Burrasca iteration in Q2 2025, subject to customer feedback. A pre-series launch may occur sooner based on substantial demand.

If you wish to have more information, you are welcome to look at the current Burrasca and Engine’s Brochure or contact us directly.

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