Daniel Lasselsberger is an experienced water sports and PWC racer. For his family business Belassi, he has put his passion to good use and helped create the Burrasca – a Marine Hypercraft that handles like no other. In this exclusive interview, he tells us about some of his most memorable adventures and how much work goes into such an engineering masterpiece.

Here we go!

Introducing Daniel Lasselsberger

18 years ago, Daniel Lasselsberger discovered the world of personal watercraft. Daniel helped develop the hydrodynamics and the handling of the Burrasca. With the support of the company, he takes part in high-profile PWC races all over the world.

What makes the Burrasca so unique and innovative?

What makes the Burrasca so enticing for me is that its unbridled power defines a whole new category – the Marine Hypercraft. It is clearly the most powerful machine on the market. It combines the advantages of high-performance racers with the stability of other bulkier craft.

How do the hydrodynamics boost the Burrasca’s handling?

The interplay of hydrodynamics is what gives the Burrasca such incredible handling. It’s very racy, steep keel cuts through the water well in high waves and in tight curves. Meanwhile, the flattened, smooth rear end which means it lifts quickly under acceleration and brings it up to speed quicker.

Quickfire Q & A

In this Q&A, Daniel answers some quickfire questions about some of his most intriguing experiences with the Burrasca.

What was your biggest Burrasca adventure?

Testing the Burrasca in winter in Slovenia. We experienced 10-foot-high (3-meter) waves, deafening winds, and stormy weather. Even at 60mph (100kmh) and jumping 20 feet (5-6m) into the air, you can rely on a stable and smooth landing. Such an extraordinary experience will definitely get your heart racing.

What is your favorite maneuver with the Burrasca?

Attacking tight curves at speed – the Burrasca cuts through the water like a knife.

Burrasca attacking curves at speed
The Burrasca can attackt tight curves at high speed like no other PWC. (Image: Belassi)

Lakes, rivers, oceans – can the Burrasca handle everything?

Yes, for sure. No matter what you throw at the Burrasca, its strength shines through. It’s as stable navigating high ocean waves as it is turning a tight radius in lakes.

What about waves?

With waves, it’s not really the height that matters – it’s how you jump and land from wave to wave. Thanks to the keel-shaped front of the Burrasca, it is very stable when handling waves.

Would you dare to ride the Burrasca in 65 foot-high (20-meter) waves like in Nazaré?

Of all the personal watercraft out there, I would choose the Burrasca for its unparalleled stability. Only a Marine Hypercraft can handle the power of marine hyperwaves. 😉

Jumping Burrasca
The Burrasca is the perfect package in terms of safety – it feels safe even in extreme situations. (Image: Belassi)

How about narrow water passages like canals or gorges?

The Burrasca matches or outperforms any high performance PWC in terms of safety in narrow bodies of water.

How safe and reliable is the Burrasca?

In testing, we jumped over 20-foot-high (5-6 meter) waves and landed smoothly. The Burrasca feels safe even in extreme situations, making it perfect for adventure sports. It also features high side walls which protect the legs. In terms of safety, it’s the complete package.

What makes Burrasca stand out as a Marine Hypercraft compared to conventional PWCs?

I think the above says it all. Furthermore, the turbo motor gives the Burrasca this unique power, once you have felt the tremendous acceleration you never want to drive anything else again. But really, you only need to look at the Burrasca to see that it is unique. Johannes Scherr has truly designed a masterpiece.

The Burrasca: Unique and Universally Versatile

The Burrasca is unique in its class as a Marine Hypercraft, combining iconic design, stability and the high performance of a racer. A true masterpiece.In this exclusive series of interviews, visionary designer Johannes Scherr and engineering expert Nico Lasselsberger reveal how the Burrasca as a Marine Hypercraft is redefining the world of watersports through bold design and precision engineering.